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Erosion Control products, Silt Fence Machine by Jack BrannenThe CVG-700 automatic silt fence machine is designed for one man operation and is capable of producing 40 plus rolls of fence per hour and up to 60 rolls per hour with two men. The CVG-700is microprocessor controlled in all operating parameters and is fully automatic in operation. To control all aspects of the machine, simply set in the desired interval length and the number of stakes into the predetermined counters. The machine will maintain these settings until changed by the operator.

Alignment and takeup
Erosion Control products, Silt Fence Machine by Jack BrannenThe first stake is manually stapled to the end of the silt fence fabric. This stake is then inserted into the adjustable drive take up arbor. The start button is pressed and the drive starts rolling up fabric. Fabric slows down from 300 feet per minute to 100 feet per minute and the machine staples the fabric to the stake at the pre-selected interval and accelerates back to the faster speed. When all of the stakes have been stapled to the fabric, the machine automatically cuts the fabric. The silt fence fabric is automatically kept in alignment and the braking system automatically holds when the machine stops.

Master Roll Handling
Erosion Control products, Silt Fence Machine by Jack BrannenThe CVG-700 Silt Fence machine is easy to operate and requires very little lifting on the part of the operator. The master roll is installed by rolling the roll on the floor in line with the arbor, actuate the squeeze switch, and hand crank the roll into run position. This way, the roll can be installed by the operator without manually exerting effort, simply lift the roll with the master roll winch. The master roll handling feature utilizes a pneumatic arbor squeeze system with freewheeling bearings and an automatic brake that maintains proper tensioning for tight compact rolls.


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